The Peony is a beautiful and unique flower, which symbolizes attracting love.  It has a delicate energy that seems to draw you into its mesmerizing beauty.  The love for beautiful and unique things has helped to inspire the creation of PeonyPetals.com.

The Peony Petals Logo

The PeonyPetals.com logo is designed to proclaim women of all nationalities and fashion styles.  Each woman is as unique, beautiful and delicate as the petals of the Peony flower.  It is designed to be a ‘blank canvas’ for all women where you can build your own style, reflecting your natural beauty both inside and out.oman.

Our Online Store

PeonyPetals.com is an exclusive online store, created to help women from all walks of life who have a love for jewelry and elegance, explore their personal style.

We have partnered with several top jewelry manufacturers to provide a wide variety of amazing product options. Due to the uniqueness of our products, they are shipped from the manufacturers directly to you and shipping is 100% Free!

As you browse the website, you will notice that many of our product designs are inspired by various flower varieties and colors.  We are constantly adding new products to the website so please check back often!  With each visit, we encourage you to embrace and appreciate your ever-unfolding sensuality and be prepared to Explore Your Personal Style!


Thank you from:

The Staff and Management Team
Peony Petals, LLC